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Ryan Prust

Product Leader
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Hello, I'm Ryan


I make products with intellectual, creative, and diverse groups of people that are committed to creating a better world for all.
I've spent the past 6 years building web, mobile, and IoT software applications with cross-functional teams. Working with me, you can expect a dedication to user-centered design, an agile development process focused on continuous improvement, and a collaborative team experience building products to strategically solve problems.

Software Experience
Sep 2020-Present

Director of Product

Building the digital infrastructure used to deliver equitable care in maternal and infant health.

May 2018-July 2020

Senior Product Manager

As the companies first product hire, I was able to make big impact across the entire organization. First, I led product development from 30,000 to 3,500,000 users, iterating on the companies core product. As the product grew, I identified the need for additional teams and product managers. I led the hiring of 4 senior product managers and worked with executives to develop a company wide goal setting process. Another early win was implementing a behavioral analytics tool (Amplitude). We use the tool to make user behavior data visible across the company, run A|B tests, identify product opportunities, and measure OKRs. With new teams and product managers in place, I was able to deliver three new products to market within the Dave app that have generated more than $1,500,000 in additional annual revenue. 

Oct 2017-Mar 2018

Senior Product Manager

As a Senior Product Manager, I owned the product roadmap, sprint planning, user research, rapid prototyping, and product development process of Mahmee's 2.0 product for patients, care providers and hospital systems to communicate and share information. I worked closely with the CEO and CTO to increase development team velocity drastically in first 30 days, and led development and design of an SMS notification feature that achieved an 82% response rate. 

As an Agile Coach, I supported the development and design team through the facilitation of agile practices including standups, retrospectives, workshops, and sprint planning. Open communication and a focus on continuous improvement guided the team to create and agree to their development process. In four months of working with the team, we released more than 100 project tickets to the production environment, and closed an oversubscribed pre-seed fundraising round.

Sept 2016-Jun 2017

Product Manager & Agile Coach

I started this position with the facilitation of a one week design sprint that included engineers, designers, and executives to determine a strategy for the use of machine learning at Glocally. Based on that strategy, I developed a machine learning training model to grow from 23 to 10k+ influencers. Further, I implemented, communicated and documented agile development processes to efficiently manage resources and improve product quality.

Sept 2014-Aug 2016

Product Manager & Agile Coach

rhubarb studios

As a Senior Product Manager, I led product teams and stakeholders to define, prioritize, and build web, mobile, and IoT products. Successes include a fully funded Kickstarter for a connected device used by professional athletes, and consulting AAA Auto Insurance on a digital strategy to increase customer engagement.

As an Agile Coach, I facilitated workshops, meetings, and knowledge sharing accross multiple cross-functional teams. Working with the teams, I implemented practices that continuously improved development process, and created a transparent work environment accross multiple disciplines.

Nov 2016-Present

Lead Instructor


I train corporate leaders in product management and agile software development through an 8-week, interactive and in-person course. I've worked with leaders from companies including Disney, SpaceX, Qualcomm, Boeing, and Salesforce. Perfect 5-star ratings through 3 classes.

Feb 2015-Oct 2015

Associate Instructor


I designed and taught 8-week agile software development course in collaboration with the lead instructor. Students work at (or founded) companies including Mastercard, Riot Games, and


Workshop Facilitation

Backlog Prioritization

Rapid Prototyping

User Story Writing

Process Implementation

User Experience Design


Great product design solves user problems. Creating for a world in which human computer interaction is mobile, omni-connected, and intuitive requires a careful combination sciences, arts, and humanities. I invest in determining the right problem to solve, involving users in the design process, and the synthesizing knowledge of cross-functional team members.


A successful process requires continuous improvement and rapid response to change. I prioritize learning and velocity to reduce risk and improve product quality. With agile development practices including standups, sprint planning, design reviews, product demos, continuous integration, and retrospectives my teams deliver working software early and often.


The best teams are greater than the sum of their individual parts. Collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement are the pillars of my management philosophy. I use interactive and collaborative development processes to gather requirements and build team consensus. Prioritize people and success will follow.

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